I haven’t given up yet

If the three followers I have (love you by the way) even noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I may have been busy but that didn’t stop me from spending a fairly long amount of time on social media so , I do not have an excuse. I know what the problem was.

As a kid I would get so excited about a new toy that I would play with it for three days straight but then after the “I have got something new” rush is over , I barely touch it again. The same with sports , I played gymnastics for two days where i was sure this is something i want to do forever but then not so much. Even now when I find a new song ( and i talked about how much songs mean to me in a previous post), I play it over and over and over again until I can no longer listen to it anymore. That is what I think happened here with the blog. In the beginning I posted 3 posts in a couple of days then it was once a week and then it was three weeks without a single post. In the beginning of anything new I am so excited and I believe that this thing is different i will commit to this but this “commitment” has not happened yet. That kind of scares me because I am aiming at a job in the writing field and if i cant do that regularly and love it how will it be my job. I know the “getting paid bit” is a game changer but everyone wants to love their job ( most days) regardless of the money.

But, I haven’t given up yet.

Still hoping this is different,



One thought on “I haven’t given up yet

  1. Don’t worry, I an the exact same but when I realized how I tend to do that, with a song for instance, I formulated a plan: to fight the urge to consistently listen to it over and over. That usually prolongs the whole “something new!” rush by a lot more and just generally helps me not forever neglect it after listening to it over nine thousand times.


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