10 things women are SICK of hearing !

1. ” She was asking for it ”

Started with this one because it is usually said about women who have been harassed or even raped and even though we ramble on and on about blaming the victim I still hear it a lot and so do many others


2. ” Because I am a man”

Usually said as response to why a man is allowed to do something and a woman is not.( Such a stupid reason). This can be the answer, for example, a father gives to his daughter when he is a smoker but , does not allow her to smoke because she is a girl not because of health reasons


3. ” Duuude did you tap that?

Using the verb “tap” to refer to sex and using “that” to refer to a human, is not only demeaning , dehumanizing and objectifying but, also just plain dumb


4. ” Its your job to cook and clean ”

NO, NO, NO, NO ! Its not my job, its in no religion that it is (for people who claim so ), and since its your house as well as mine it is your responsibility as well as fucking mine.


5.” What do you think I am ? A girl ?!”

Like its an insult. Your mother was a girl ! Is it offensive now? No , because it is true and there is nothing wrong with that.


6. ” Its okay , its in your nature to be irrational and overly emotional ; You’re a woman ! ”

God the generalization. Just because some women are more emotional than men does not mean we all are , does not mean it is in our nature and certainly does not mean it is a definitive characteristic of being a woman.


7.” Of course that is a woman driving , no man drives that way ”

Well, men are actually twice as likely to get in a car crash than women. You total your car and she gets home safe , I think that’s good driving

angry woman driving

8. ” You do not need a good college education , you’ll probably be married by the time you need to use it”

Firstly, a women does not need to get married , she gets married if she wants to. Secondly, even if she gets married she still needs an education even if she wants to work or not. Thirdly, education can be sought out for the sake of education. Lastly , even if a woman does not work and stays at home she will need her education to deal with her husband and her children for a better home.


9. ” Raising good children , now that’s your role in life”

A woman can choose the role of a mother if she wants to but, that DOES NOT by all means mean that that is the role set for her in life. A woman can have more than one role just like a man.


10. ” Ohh honey you need to get you a man ”

Again with the word NEED. We do not need a man ( with some exceptions like Tom Hardy I personally NEED him). A woman can be perfectly okay without a man just like a man can be perfectly okay without a woman.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 07: Tom Hardy attends a game between the New Orleans Hornets and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on January 7, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

So please men , stop saying those things

Would be glad if anyone wants to add anything, share with me

I do not hate men and if Tom Hardy ever sees this I LOVE YOU

Just doing me,



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