As human beings , we are fascinated by our bodies ,our achievements, our minds and also by our catastrophes. So my question here is: How can a human being -with past, present and future, with  nationality , society and global citizenship – be defined in a word ? Even when we are asked to describe ourselves we usually do so using traits of our personality, our occupation and other aspects in our lives. Notice the underlined S ? Yes , I am a doctor , but “doctor ” is not a definition of me. Why not ? Because there are millions of doctors ; Therefore, not a single word or label can define one human being’s uniqueness , its actually the combination of words that describe him/her that truly makes them unique. What am I getting at ? I am approaching the issue of “Islamophobia” from a different perspective. Muslims are proud of their religion ( regardless of current events by “Muslims” ) however, some of them are also proud of their jobs , others proud of their children. It is a huge aspect of their lives but , again it is still one aspect. Then why are they stared at , harassed and discriminated against because of other people’s mistakes. Let’s try this ,imagine a doctor who comes from a rich family ,who then decides to build his own hospital where he conducts unauthorized drug tests on human beings in the name of science, being a good doctor and helping other people at a larger scale. He needs to be locked up , right?  He committed a disgusting crime , right? But, does that mean we condemn all doctors as criminals and simply not go to see doctors anymore? Does that mean doctors are to be stared at, harassed and discriminated against? No, because it was just one doctor. I know it is not one or two or even ten thousand who have committed terrorist acts but, as humans we need to put ourselves in the shoes of Muslims who are innocent yet are being banished and punished by societies all over the world for other people’s mistakes.

If it is unclear it reads " Muslim. 100% human. Labels are for clothes" and the same for Gay and Black
If it is unclear it reads ” Muslim. 100% human. Labels are for clothes” and the same for Gay and Black

Discrimination is unjust treatment of a group of people on the premises of something they can not control. Like race , sex or religion ( in this case I mean the projected image of the religion they belong to and I will be discussing more on the “projected ” image later… ). There was a time when discrimination based on race reached slavery and with current events we learn that the fight to abolish it is not over. Yet I fear that, Muslims will be the new slaves and that the fight to abolish that discrimination has not even begun.

No Offense to doctors.

Getting pretty serious huh?

Just doing me,



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