What happened to music?

bastillethe killersWALK THE MOONThe SmithsTalk_You_Down

I am sorry. I tried, I swear. The whole electronic music thing , the new pop songs , the whole thing is just not for me. I was not around for real rock but, damn do I wish I was. I will admit a lot of the songs are catchy but I will not be remembering those songs in a couple of years and thinking ” I missed you old friend” , more like ” how the hell did we used to listen to this crap? “. I believe there are two kinds of music listeners , lyrics people and melody people. I am a lyrics person all the way ( I am in love with words as you can tell from my rambling). And what really kills songs nowadays in my opinion is their lyrics , from Nicki Minaj’s disturbing lyrics to songs with only a line or two simply on repeat. Even though I love oldies, I scavenge for fairly recent, decent music and there are some great ones, they just do not get the credit they deserve in my opinion.

So here is my current cool bands to listen to :

1. Bastille

( getting popular recently and I hate and love that. Songs like: Laughter lines, Pompeii, Things We Lost in the fire and more)

2. The Killers

(they are known but deserve more credit. Songs like: Mr.Bright side, Somebody told me , when you were young , Just another girl and more)

3.Walk the Moon

(their hit single “Shut up and dance” is on the rise now and I do love it .They also have songs like “Anna Sun” & “Tightrope”

4. The Smiths

(they are not recent at all but god do I love them. Songs like : Please Please Please Let me, There is a light that never goes out, Asleep and much more)

5.The Script

( Yes the script but only their early work before they commercialized their music to fit current mindless audiences with an exception of one or two songs. Some of their underrated songs: Exit wounds, Nothing , We cry , Millionaires, I’m yours , Long gone and moved on, Talk you down , Good Ol’ Days and I really can go on like this forever )

There is much more but, in the end what I want to say is , you DO NOT have to lower your standards in music because it is simply the songs that come out or because they are catchy. I take music very seriously, I believe it is the nourishment of the soul. So don’t nourish your soul with ” Never Fucked Wayne , Never Fucked Drake” because who the fuck cares?

Sorry for rambling and no offense to anyone with different  music tastes and opinions,

Just doing me,



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